OpenMPT and libopenmpt automated test builds

This website contains automated test build for Open ModPlug Tracker and libopenmpt.

These are generated automatically and might have problems not found in the stable releases.

When reporting bugs, please always provide the exact revision you used.

The roadmap gives a rough overview about what might be coming next.

If you got directed here by the OpenMPT developers, please be aware of the fact that these builds are made automatically by our infrastructure. Due to limited resources, it takes a considerable amount of time (about 2 hours in the common case, but occasionally even up to 4 hours or more) until they appear here. Thus, please be patient and check again later if the revision mentioned by the developers is not yet available here.

Latest versions are at the top


openmpt123, in_openmpt, xmp-openmpt, foo_openmpt

Pre-compiled libopenmpt development files

libopenmpt source code / documentation

Debugging symbols